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    cheek tooth

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    • 全身各部位的英文是?

      ...face eyes eyebrow eyelid eyelashes iris pupil cornea ear earlobe nose nostril cheek jaw mouth lip tooth-teeth tongue chin sideburn mustache beard neck shoulder chest abodmen back arm armpit...

    • ”英文”填空 20點

      ...manager explained the _______ to the new ______.(procedure(s); cheek(s)) 3.The early ______ could not be ______ safe passage to...succeed) 6.The train _________ never ________ the speed limit.(teeth; exceeded) 7.The Board of...

    • 英文單字查詢

      ...頭: head 額: forehead 眉: eyebrow 眼: eye 鼻: nose 口: mouth 齒: tooth/teeth 喉: throat 下巴: chin 臉: face 頰: cheek 舌: tongue 唇: lips 耳: ear 頸: neck 肩: shoulder 臂: arm 肘: elbow...