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  1. cheer on

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    • 釋義
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    • 1. 鼓勵

      She did her best to cheer him on when he was about to give up. 當她快要放棄時她盡力鼓勵他。

    • 2. 鼓舞或鼓勵某人更加努力

      The crowd cheered the runners on as they started the last lap. 賽跑進入最後一圈時, 觀眾為運動員加油鼓勁。

  2. 知識+

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      ... students are cheering their favorite baseball player on . ※ cheering ....on 為......加油 2.她表姐會說多種語言 她是個天才 Her cousin can...

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      ...回溯到中世紀時期 (1)dates back to 追溯 回溯(2)according to根據(3)cheers on鼓勵(4) catches up on趕上 2. 我買了五個鬆餅,辛蒂吃了兩個.請問...

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      1. thousand 2. " you " are best 2 forever to cheer on and make oneself 3. I will like Half is and is...