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  1. chemical abuse


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    • 求翻譯高手---有關農業知識的英文短文

      ... use artificial supplement (e.g. : Chemical fertilizer, agricultural chemicals, growth adjustment element etc.) to boost agricultural product. However, it also appears abuses. Some developed countries like: European ...

    • 求英文翻譯中文~~~10點

      台灣快訊:肥料研討會將於7月5號(星期三)舉辦,詳第三版. 嘉義縣政府發言人昨天表示農委會明天將於嘉義縣舉辦研討會以推廣使用有機肥料. 官員表示雖然化學肥料比起有機肥料來說具有效果快且成本低之優點,但濫用情況下反而造成環境傷害.

    • 英文演講題目 (急~!!)

      ...they were not sick very often. That might be attributed from non-abuse of the chemical substances for the admixtures in food. Besides, they...