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  1. chew off

    • ph.
      砍斷, 撕斷, 折斷, 咬斷
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    • 1. 砍斷, 撕斷, 折斷, 咬斷 He chewed off the tree out of anger. 由於發怒, 他砍斷了那棵樹。


    砍斷, 撕斷, 折斷, 咬斷

    • ph.
      【口】試圖做過多的事或太費周折的事; 承擔力所不能及的事
    • ph.


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    • 甘蔗的問題

      ...'s how I eat :)Sugar cane(甘蔗) - I bite on it (啃甘蔗), chew off the sugar water (吸甘蔗汁), and spit the thick fibers out (吐甘蔗渣). I...

    • 過年食物 (BY English) should be a year round after leading a tail, food should not c ross, can not chew off and eat, which means that parents birthday. Leeks: leek ...

    • 煩請高手幫忙翻譯(20點)

      Listen, I'd chew me gonads off to get out of Sheffield,but not like that.』 你聽著,我願意咬掉我的...