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  1. chew on

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    • 請幫我翻譯兒童繪本內容!!!

      While chewing on a bagel,the tooth fairy lost a tooth. 牙仙咬了咬貝果,不久就掉了一顆牙 ...

    • 甘蔗的問題

      ... of eating the sugar cane you recommend?甘蔗?sugar cane啃甘蔗皮?chew on the (sugar cane) (outer) bark吐甘蔗渣?spit the (sugar cane) fibers out喝甘蔗汁...

    • 一篇英文作文-I have no regrets

      ...00:57:55 補充: By what? A peewee cat cannot find a fish to chew on? Or just cannot figure out what the last digit of the pie is...