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  1. chew the fat (or rag)

    • ph.
      chat in a leisurely and prolonged way
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    • ph.
      chat in a leisurely way, especially at length

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 徵英文高手~誰能幫我翻譯諺語!感謝

      ...home the baceon ─ 養家活口 5. butter up ─ 討好; 奉承 6. chew the fat ─ 閒聊 7. coffee break ─ 休息時間 8. cool as a cucumber...怕草繩→A burnt child dreads the fire.或是Once bitten,,wice shy.

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      make hay while the sun shines 曬草要趁陽光普照 意思:趁熱打鐵,抓緊時機 Take a shine to 字面解釋-帶來光亮.帶來光明 意思:對...有好感 rain or shine 下雨或晴天 引申:風雨無阻..或者無論如何

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      ...可以保持口腔清潔一整天。 Coco chewing gum can bring you into a free, fresh and...的感覺。 Let's jump into the Coco's rainbow together...09-29 18:57:09 補充: A little fat boy said, "He ...