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  1. chew something up

    • ph.
      chew food until it is soft or in small pieces
    • 更多解釋
    • ph.
      damage or destroy something as if by chewing

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • chew up my brand

      chew up my brand 的意思? = eroding my reputation gradually = 慢慢地減低我品牌的信用 or chew up my brain = make me crazy/lose my mind gradually = 慢慢地讓我瘋狂...

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      I would like to chew you up and then spit you out.嗯.. 我自己會翻:我很想狠狠地把你給嚼...不同的說法﹐看你自己要哪個咯~ 2006-02-13 15:44:21 補充: chew you up.. 不只是臭罵一頓這麼簡單而已啦.. 而是已經"恨你恨到...

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      1. chew me up and spit me out 有何特別涵義 chew up 嚼爛 spit out 吐出 > 有點像台語說的 ...把我吃一吃然後丟掉 2. ...