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  1. chick flick


    • n.
      a movie that appeals mainly to women.
    • noun: chick flick, plural noun: chick flicks

  2. 知識+

    • chick-flick moment???

      chick flick n. A movie with themes, characters, or events that appeal more to women than to men. So what is a chick flick exactly? A movie where everyone talks a lot. A movie that makes...

    • 電影的相關英文?

      ...such as: Biographical Films ("Biopics") 傳記電影 Chick' Flicks (or Gal Films) 女性電影 Detective/Mystery ...

    • 新的英文單字 有壓力的

      我知道你指的應該是chickflick 對吧! chick是俚語中小妞的意思 對女孩子不太尊重的說法 flick也是俚語,表示電影 這個組成起來的新字就是chickflick 意思是女生喜歡的文藝片...