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  1. child abuse


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    • 1. 虐待兒童 Child abuse scars for ever. 孩童時代受虐是永久的傷痕。
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    • 幫我寫一篇英文作文

      Child Abuse -- Home Is Where the Hurt ...spite out on (拿別人出氣) their children. “Child abuse” is very common. Home is where the hurt...

    • 中文翻英文(虐兒..)

      Several social factors lead to occurrences of child abuse and child neglect. These include parents being dismissed...

    • 請幫我翻翻這篇新聞-1(急)

      ... calls for active steps to stamp out child abuse 蘇貞昌:以積極行動,遏止虐童 Relevant government... to government statistics, up to 83 percent of child abuse fatalities were committed by the...