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  1. chime in


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    • 釋義


    • 1. 符合;一致
    • 2. 插話 I want to come, too. she chimed in. 我也要來,她插嘴說道。
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    • 片語與句型造句 幫忙解答增20點

      ... in other developed countries in mathematics. chime in 插話 11.請再認何你想插話的時候表達你的想法。 Chime in any time when...

    • 翻譯成英文 林俊傑-故事細膩

      Whom the crowd who light the street lights to attract I sill wind chimes playing in the coffee shop for you This atmosphere of this street Such a mountain of...

    • how to conversation?幾句而已 (40點)

      ...適當的插入話題,不要一昧的插話 Be careful to listen to what other people say, chime in a subject in appropriate time, and don't insist on chiming in. - 找出你們...