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  1. chimney piece


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    • 請幫我改改這篇文章!急!; In addition, we liked sitting together in front of the tall chimney and marveled at the white smoke rising into the air. We ...

    • 翻譯 第2篇 20點 謝

      轉過身來 走向黑色的通道 拿起圓形派狀物 回到電梯去二樓 按壞掉電燈開關的右邊, 會得到一個謎題 把packman狀的小塊一武器間中的小丑圖放好 (packman 是以前的電玩, 長得是一個圓形缺一角, 忘了中文叫啥) 拿起三角形 往右走到剪刀石頭處 按石頭然後把捲軸放在下面 石頭裂開並顯現正...

    • (急)請幫我看文章有沒有什麼錯誤

      ...air pollution has also ruined the beautiful pieces of . the sky and tainted it with grey..., I saw a lot of smoking chimneys. It makes me disgusted...