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  1. china

    • IPA[ˈCHīnə]


    • n.
      a fine white or translucent vitrified ceramic material;household tableware or other objects made from china or a similar ceramic material
    • noun: china

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    • china與Taiwan

      Republic of China是 中華民國 圖片參考: People's Republic of China是 中華人民共和國...

    • he goes to China

      he goes to China:他去中國(現在事實) he went to China:他去中國(過去事實) he...China:他已經去中國了(時間為現在的狀態) he has been to China:他曾經去過中國(時間為現在的狀態) he had gone to China...

    • China?Chinese?Taiwan?R.O.C?

      要解釋china與Chinese可從幾個角度解釋: (1)國內的角度:台灣 = Taiwan;中華民國 = Republic of China (ROC);中國 = China;中華人民共和國 = People's ...