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  1. chocolate brownie

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    • 英文~是有關於”點餐”的簡單對話~

      ...! We have chocolate milk or milk tea, and hot cocoa; for dessert, we have brownie, chocolate waffle, fresh made cookie, and ice cream cake. B(顧客):Mmm&hellip...

    • happy birthday 英文開頭的食物

      ...的食物吧~ H--home-baked cookies/chocolates 自己做的餅乾或巧克力 A--apple juice 蘋果汁...yogurt 優格 B--beer 啤酒 未成年的話可改成brownie布朗尼 I--ice cream 冰淇淋 R--roast chicken...

    • need advice on Christmas gifts know a specific brand and type that she likes. Chocolate and flowers are a nice touch to a great... used frequently will definitely earn you some brownie points with the ladies. 2009-12-12 11:07...