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    • 英文文法-考題

      The choir 是指合唱團a)practice 練習(現在式 第一二人稱)b)practices 練習...個答案不可以 是因為意思不同而且_to practise前面要是動詞才可以的!!ok ︿︿

    • 請前輩修改我的英文自傳好嗎? 20點相送(請說出感想) and comic clubs in the university I joined in. In the choir, I always practiced singing after getting out of the class, and had contest with other...

    • 英文信改錯

      ... [and had been] a member of [a] choir. It sounds strange,doesn't it[?] ...the song "Forty"] this time[, and I practiced it [for] a long time.When I stood...