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  1. cholesterol test

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    • 簡易英文英翻中(急)有關膽固醇

      ...Cholesterol level or anyone who has borderline-high . . Cholesterol levels and who also has coronary heart disease...有無冠狀動脈心臟疾病或心臟疾病的風險。This test measures the amount of high-density lipoproteins...

    • 生物統計的問題 P VALUE

      Xbar=253.3 Ybar=270 Sx=44.1=Sy Nx=44, Ny=48 H0: 男女平均數值相等 H1: 男女平均數值不相等 因為男女樣本標準差一樣,因此要先算合併變異數Sp=44.1 Sp =根號{[(Nx-1)*Sx^2+(Ny-1)*Sy^2...

    • 請各為 幫幫忙 英文

      ...a serious of test on patient, changes are those test will perform by the medical and clinical libratory technologist...abnormal cell. They also analysis blood and cholesterol levels and type and cross make blood sample for transfusion...