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    • 幫我翻譯一下~我不要線上翻譯的唷

      ... is a choice, it's your life. Choose consciously(5), choose wisely, choose honestly, choose happiness(6) for you. 另附原文註釋如下: matter:有關係、要緊...

    • 英文文章文法研究討論

      ...16:20 補充: (A) wise choice → 沒有『做選擇』的意謂在。 (B) choose wisely / (D) wisely choosing→只有『明智地選擇』,至於選擇啥?看不出...

    • 請問英文翻譯 沙發縫隙

      I found my pen in the gap of the sofa. I don't get to have a long holiday in December, but I get to take three days off a week due to fewer classes. hope you choose wisely this time