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  1. circle

    • IPA[ˈsɜːkl]



    • n.
      圓; 做不可能的事;環狀物
    • vt.
    • vi.
      盤旋; 轉圈
    • 過去式:circled 過去分詞:circled 現在分詞:circling

    • 名詞複數:circles

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 圓; 做不可能的事 to square the circle 作與圓面積相等的正方形
    • 2. 環狀物 a circle of stones 一圈石頭 to stand in a circle 站成一圈
    • 3. 圓形物 to cut out two circles of paper 剪出兩個圓紙片
    • 4. 環形運動; 徒勞無功 to move/fly in a circle 轉圈/盤旋 to go round or around in circles 在原地兜圈子
    • 5. 黑眼圈
    • 6. 弧形樓座
    • 7. 圈子 have a large circle of friends 交遊甚廣 in theatrical circles 在戲劇界


    • 1. 環繞…轉圈 the moon circles the earth every 28 days 月球每28天繞地球一周 the plane circled the airport before landing 飛機降落前在機場上空盤旋
    • 2. 圍繞 a town circled by hills 群山環繞的城鎮
    • 3. 圍繞…畫圈 the spelling mistakes are circled in red ink 拼寫錯誤用紅筆圈出


    • 1. 盤旋; 轉圈 to circle around or about sb./sth. 繞某人/某物轉圈 to circle over or above sb./sth. 在某人/某物上空盤旋


    1. something in the shape of a circle

    2. a group of people with a shared profession, interests, or acquaintances