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    • 醫護英文翻譯!!英文能力強者皆可進來

      在陰道檢查時, 臨床工作者以手指進入子宮頸口, 用手指做環狀動作,把膜的下端和子宮下段分開。(因沒有前後文,此地的膜應該是羊膜吧)

    • 求英文單字的解釋(英文高手請進)

      ...quot;last, I'll discuss family values") 10.round(圓的) (adj) circular; spherical; cylindrical; one segment of a game or competition (e.g., he played a round of golf). 2013-01-19 15:06...

    • 一段機械工程的英文 20點 拜託幫個忙 20點

      ...1、2、3 in figure 3), the screw positions is likely to divide the circular plate of piezoelectric buzzing plate into three segments[9], and one screw of the same size is also mounted at the eccentric position...