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  1. circumference of waist


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    • 英文期刊翻譯 (20點) !! 謝謝 !!

      題目: Criteria of Waist Circumference According to Computed Tomography.... The discriminate values of VFA and WC were not substantially...

    • 關於腰臀圍測量的英文寫作

      ...exhail. Hip measurement was the hip circumference measured at the level of the largest circumference around hip. Waist measurement was to be taken to the nearest first decimal...

    • 關於衣服丈量的英文問法:

      .../t-shirt 1. bust 2. waist 3. Hips 4. hollow to hips (front length) - from bottom of neck to hips 5. shoulder 6...long sleeve only 7. top of arm circumferences (left and right) letter: Dear...