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    civic education

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    • My Favourite TV Programme

      Some civic education programme it educates me a lot about the morals and stimulate our critical thinking which is a very effective educational tool (for the name ,you may search it on the internet!,very very easy to find )

    • 請問一些科目的英文名字?

      ...體育 physical education (sports是泛指各種不同的運動如籃球、田徑等) 公民 civic education 理科(除了數學)統稱Science 化學 chemistry 生物 biology 物理 ...

    • 能幫忙看一下嗎 文法或語句有順?

      ...suggest you (should) return to the elementary school for and studying citizenship (civic) education. 2014-04-13 10:30:06 補充: Your saying is very strong, so...