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      ...this mess!” sighed Luke’s mother as she clambered over a pile of books, clothes and ...about enough, young man!” “You have one week to clean up this room or the computer goes,” threatened...

    • 這些英文動詞要如何變化????? 急...20點

      ...freeze-froze-frozen) 4 As they clambered aboard, the conductor blew his final whistle. (blow... first effort, Scot tore up the printout and turned the computer back on. (tear...

    • 英文翻譯成中文

      他們是太晚。Isca 去。Garin 捲揚了自己在峭壁。他只遭受了損失一樣可怕像這當Jacques 由綁架了被透濕。Usul 恐懼Caylis 的反應。這是所有我的缺點, 他淒慘地認為。我應該搖瞻F她著陸當我有時間。Caylis 是飾面在相反方向...