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  1. clap back

    • ph.
      respond quickly to critical remarks or unfair treatment
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    • 不好意思 請各位幫忙翻譯一下(中翻英)

      ...something not smoothly, unhappy and how cruel the society is that make me much more clapped, suddenly wish could back to my childhood to live in a cloudless and only pure and happy life. 只活在一個...

    • need solution

      ...1+ 1/11 = 12/11 since after the ice melt, the volume will go back to 1, hence 12/11 - (12/11)(1/12) = 1 volume will ice decrease...with 3) How may times are you suppose to clap ? 10 2014-10-24 21:40:54 補充: Sorry...

    • [ 英文 ]請幫忙翻譯(心得 中翻英) director) ,Though say this piece of already turn over clap very many times, but this time's director have especial join...of long reaches 3 hours, at present too give back at show in, this' thing exceed worthy film, how can miss?