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  1. clap something on

    • ph.
      abruptly impose a restrictive or punitive measure
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    • 英文口頭回答問題~請高手用英文口頭回答~感恩~贈15點~急

      ...noise,and most people don't like this kind of cheering.Maybe you can clap your hands,or something else that doesn't interrupt others from watching the game,instead...

    • 英文片語(急需翻譯)

      ...19. for example 舉例20. hold up a hand 把握21. hold on a moment 等等22. hold something back 保留23. hold one's hand 牽手24. rub one's...somebody 握手26. give somebody a big hand 大力相助27. clap one's hands 拍手28. have one's hands...

    • 可以幫我修改英文文章嗎?

      ...very crazy. She had told me something about the sports and the opera、because she had...excellent. Who knows? Everyone also clapped their hands while she stood up and...