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  1. clash

    • IPA[klaʃ]


    • n.
      a violent confrontation;an incompatibility leading to disagreement
    • v.
      meet and come into violent conflict;have a forceful disagreement
    • verb: clash, 3rd person present: clashes, gerund or present participle: clashing, past tense: clashed, past participle: clashed

    • noun: clash, plural noun: clashes

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    • IPA[klaSH]


    • n.
      a violent confrontation: there have been minor clashes with security forces
    • v.
      meet and come into violent conflict: protesters demanding self-rule clashed with police

    Oxford American Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • Clashes as Taiwan students ~~

      *純翻譯, 無政治立場 1. Clashes as Taiwan students storm gov HQ 學子(生)闖政院...

    • The epic clashes ??? 什麼意思~~

      給您參考:The epic clashes Epic: 超乎尋常的;歷史性的…Clash:對撞,衝撞;衝突…The epic clashes ~ 空前的碰撞(物體);慘不忍睹的碰撞(物體);激烈的衝突(人,國家…);慘烈的衝撞(星球)

    • clash crash crush這三個單字的個別意義

      clash:和人發生衝突等情況可使用。 crash:意外事件,如車禍等事件可使用。 crush:某樣東西遭到壓壞可使用。