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  1. classical conditioning

    • IPA[ˈklasəkəl kənˈdiSH(ə)niNG]
    • n.
      a learning process that occurs when two stimuli are repeatedly paired: a response which is at first elicited by the second stimulus is eventually elicited by the first stimulus alone.
    • noun: classical conditioning

  2. 知識+

    • 英文翻譯The classical conditioning

      ...隔一段長時間後,非限制刺激出現,這樣的制約訓練被定義為「延宕制約」。 classical conditioning古典制約學習 CS (conditioned stimulus)限制刺激 US(unconditioned...

    • 英文翻譯...What are the necessary

      ...conditions for demonstrating classical conditioning?How might these conditions...心理學上最重要的理論之一:古典制約理論(classical condition),以及一隻最有名的無名狗。(摘自:...

    • 請問這句英文的中文翻譯?

      ...雖然、這只是部份的個案, research suggests that processes of classical conditioning contribute greatly to the persistence of those side effects over time. ◆研究...