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  1. clean sth. out

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    • 1. 徹底將某物內部弄得乾乾淨淨 clean out the stables 徹底清掃馬廄
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    • 英文片語配對問題

      clean up (清理) ===> the mess (慣用句) hang up (掛起來) ===>...撿起來) ===> the garbage, your coat, your sth. put away (收拾) ===> the newpapers, the groceries, your coat take out (拿出來) ===> your towels, your coat...

    • 幫忙一下 以下的英文造句

      ... bind her husband to clean the clean the kitchen. 22.Bring in: ...29 23:48:06 補充: 24.Bring sth under control: She Brings... cash on delivery. 29.Carry out: How do you carry out your...

    • [高中英文大滿貫] 第三冊 克漏試題 II (須解析)

      ...顯微鏡 7.C 根據這個概念 8.D 拿...當例子 Take sth for example 9.A remain後接形容詞 10.B 形成類似 (resembles...