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  1. clean up one's act

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    • 1. 改變生活方式;改頭換面,重新做人 He had better clean up his act, or he will be out of a job. 他最好發奮圖強,否則會失去工作。 Whatever he once was like he has cleaned up his act. 他已徹底改頭換面。
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    • 英文俚語和造句

      ...: Beats me. I haven't learned that yet. 4. clean up one's act洗心革面   A: He is different.   B: Yes, he cleans...

    • act的用法 (10點)

      ...又復發了 <<慣用語>> be in on the act 參與 clean up (one's) act ((俚語)) 改進某人的舉止或表現 get into the act 中途加入進行中的活動或計劃...

    • 想要問一些有關英文法法和翻譯的問題

      ...受詞+受詞補語 Dad wants me to clean the room. Act it out! 付諸行動 Bounce the ball. 拍球...! 跳 Join the line. 排隊 Line up! 排隊 Put them away. 整理他們/收拾好...