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  1. as clear as mud

    • ph.
      【口】很不清楚的, 不明顯的, 未解釋清楚的
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    「【口】很不清楚的, 不明顯的, 未解釋清楚的」的反義字

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      ... you carry that girl over the pile of mud today? I thought the master... by unimportant things. As a matter of fact, there are many...that one decision. You are clear when you become convinced, but...

    • concertainer英文翻譯 a dictionary. To make it more clear, Concertina is musical... able to be expand and contract as HESCO bastion. On the other...bastion can be used as a container with mud inside to prevent from the flood or attack...

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      ...the garden, and the bacteria in the mud got into his foot. (A)because (B)as 答案是(A)because 但我記得As...的主詞) George made it clear what he wanted.(what兼附屬子句的...