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    • 神志清明
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    • 英文文章,不知是否正確。

      ...industrial engineering and menagement helps me to be more logical and clear minded. I know my English ability should be improved and internaitonal...

    • 請問Clean 和Clear有什麼異同?!

      ...把桌子(上的污穢)擦乾淨﹐clear the table=清空桌面(把桌上的東西通通移走) 3 clear your mind=讓你自己頭腦清楚﹐clean your mind=別想些齷齪事 4 clear the muddy water...

    • 各位大大~~~幫個忙翻譯成英文吧

      ...can be escaped. Go to bed earlier, so that you will have a clear mind. Then, be concentrated in class, and take notes sometimes; so...