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    clear the atmosphere

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    • 誰會回答這句句子??(英文)

      .First: name is not the same as (nonsense) Second: the atmosphere, the atmosphere in a Chinese restaurant a clear and fast-food restaurants vary greatly Third: diet, because the fast...

    • 有人能夠幫忙把自傳翻成英文嗎

      ...result to go study. (接下去) 2007-01-13 22:47:35 補充: The hope because of clear female studies the atmosphere , Will enable oneself to have the harvest in the future three years...

    • 徵求一篇有關”全球暖化”的英文文章~15點

      ...rsquo;s heat. As people burn fossil fuels or clear forests, carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is released into the atmosphere. As the oceans warm, water vapor, which ...