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    clear up a mystery

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    • 翻譯成英文 林俊傑-故事細膩

      ... surface to have a sense of love Separated from the Romantic Mystery Thinking of you all to... then picked up the pen Clear picture of how to love you ...

    • 中翻英 這則新聞要怎麼翻成英文

      ...with" signs. Set up a special team to probe the tragic death of...see sheep being sent clear UFO light "laser" after...10 years of observation of the mystery of the death of livestock Horry...

    • 特急~~請求英文高手翻譯!(20點)

      ...the engine after jumping up at a time cools off time and there is the screen that the not clears object crashes into a warship...the universe material of a kind of mystery at warship bridge the thing on the...