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    • 急!! 句子英翻中only except意思 (20點!!)

      you can choose 4 item clearance item only except i will let you pick 2 item (wof and mc items ) i used...only except是什麼意思? 斷句方面, only except不是一起看的: only是跟前面: 4 clearance items only except帶出後面子句, 表例外: 可額外多選2個wof and mc項目. 意思如下: 你...

    • 英文文法及對話問題

      ...always notice if there is any return policy including ____ especially for clearance items. 應該是A refund. 聰明的消費者都會注意到(商家)是否有退貨並包括退款的...

    • 請問年中慶的英文要怎麼翻譯?

      ... in this category and currently reduced for our Annual Clearance Sales. Most items marked off 50% or