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  1. clock in

    • vi.
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    • 1. 打卡記錄上班時間 I clock in at 8.30 我8點30分打卡上班
    • n.
      上班打卡 clocking-in time 上班打卡時間
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    • 請問中翻英?

      1. Remember to clock in and clock out. Don't come late in the morning and leave early in the...and try again later until they are cooled. 打卡有兩種說法 clock in/out 打卡上班或下班 或是 punch in/out 2005-05-27 17:21:06 補充: 不要打廣告...

    • 英文翻譯 20點 ///*** 急用ˋˋˋ

      ...用另一組帳號回答。 I get up at the six o'clock in the daybreak. 我在凌晨六點起床。 I eat the breakfast...下午四點回家。 I play the ball at the five o'clock in the afternoon. 我在下午五點玩球。 I take a shower...

    • 英文作文的作業~~~~請大家家多多幫忙!=.=

      I get up at 7 o'clock in the morning. I start to brush my teeth and wash my face... there and I like to play with them. We eat lunch at 12 o'clock. The school is finished at 4 o'clock. I go home and do...