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  1. clock on

    • vi.
      clock in
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    • there is 和 there are的倒裝句

      ... are some pictures on the wall. 2. There is a clock on the wall. 將這兩句合併成一句, 會變成下列幾種變化: (1) There are...

    • 英文strike和contrary/opposite用法

      1. The clock strikes on the hour. 時鐘敲擊在每一個正點 LOVE struck...一副尊嚴的樣子。 彈奏;奏出 He struck a tune on the piano. 他在鋼琴上彈了一首曲子。 使突然想起 It...

    • 請問英文的電話及回訊用語?

      1.她九點才上班 She nine clock go to work. 2.我會轉告她(有這... will definitely pass the message on to him 3.她目前不在位置..., so that’s 4 o’clock on Wednesday next week. ...