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    • 請大大幫我英翻中,先謝了,我磕頭了((急))

      ...and rest assured they are keeping a close eye on it. 在巴西足球協會得以保存第一個獎杯 國際足球... winners are awarded a replica of the trophy that is gold-plated, rather than...

    • 印度女子嫁蛇為妻你們有什麼心得

      1. I think something like this can only happen in under-developed countries, where people still believe in superstitions, and marriage to another specie could be legal.2. It is amazing how the bride's mother, and even the priest gave their...

    • 一把"抓"的動詞差異

      ... a bag.)除了抓手拿包的方式... heavy gowns and clutched the baby close to share what little warmth she had. 5. grip 常用來形容...