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  1. close up

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 合攏 the cut was starting to close up 傷口開始癒合了
    • 2. 靠攏 cars were closing up behind each other 汽車一輛緊接著一輛
    • 3. 關門
    • 4. 不流露感情 she closed up when I asked about her family 我問及她的家庭情況時,她閉口不談了
    • 5. 堵塞 his throat closed up with fear 他嚇得說不出話來


    • 1. 關閉
    • 2. 堵塞 they closed up the entrance to the tunnel 他們堵住了通往隧道的入口
  2. 知識+

    • up close 之意

      up close 是很近的距離 (相關字:closeup 是非常近距離的拍照) Deputy Keith... them approach, 副座 K C 沒有聽到他們走近 and up close, (現在看到時) 很近的距離, he didn't like the looks of them...

    • packing close up

      Take a closed up picture of this package.

    • 請問up-close的中譯為何?

      Merriam-Webster 字典有所解釋: Main Entry: up close Function: adverb or adjective (做副詞或形容詞用) : at close range (近距離的,很接近的)