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    • 1. 離某人/某事物很近 She snuggled close up to him. 她緊緊地挨著他。
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    • 請幫我翻譯這兩個小段落˙ˇ˙

      Instead of using stitches to close a wound, the Indians hold large leaf-cutter ants up to the edges of a cut and let them bite it together. 與其用針線...

    • 幫我用片語造句~~

      ... un Taiwan look up to Peter for his expertise. 7.Close your focus up on how to learn English. 9.Many companies in America ...

    • 請問「close」到底有幾種意思??

      ...再淨,總有再刮的餘地。 (注)意指事情很難做得盡善盡美。 片語: close to 接近的,關係親密的 相關範例: close call 千鈞一髮 相關範例: close - up shot 特寫鏡頭 相關範例: close - packed 擁擠不堪的; 裝得緊緊的 相關...