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  1. closes

    • close的名詞複數
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    • travis的closer歌詞疑問

      Closer I've had enough Of this parade I'm thinking...there with me I'll never leave you Just need to get closer, closer Lean on me now Lean on me now Closer...

    • close the loop

      close the loop 中文意思是將回路或迴圈封閉。 意指將回路或系統的迴圈封閉,使其變得更有效率或更為安全 2011-05-11 09:12:56 補充: 看到原文整句(5月11日9:12) The re-assessment activity closes the loop on a continuous improvement effort. 可找到其內涵如下(並非翻譯) 努力於持續改善,原本猶如一個loop (迴圈...

    • The store closed down

      close down 可以當及物動詞,也可以當不及物動詞。 當及物動詞, close down ~ 是 「某方將某機關強迫關閉」,例如...police. 那店鋪讓警方給關了! 所以 The store closed down. 和 The store was closed...