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  1. closet play

    • n.
      a play to be read rather than acted.
    • noun: closet play, plural noun: closet plays

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      ... should put it into the trash→I love playing the computer games on weekend.table→There...56:00 補充: desk→This desk is too dirty.closet→I am cleaning out my closet...

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      ...位置 11.(3) shampoo洗髮精 12. (3) dryer 吹風機 13. (2) mirror鏡子 14. (1) closet衣櫥 15. (1) air conditioner 冷氣機 16. (3) blanket 毛毯 17. (3) lamp 燈

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      ... is so hard with my mother, you will only play in the East Room on the West, not..., Charles is secretly to sleep in the closet, at midnight that day, Jason's father drunk...