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    • 請問”挺”的英文怎模說?

      奇摩字典對"筆挺"的注釋是: (of standing) very straight (of clothing) well-pressed; freshly pressed upright指的是站姿筆直, 確實不適用於西裝或其他衣服...

    • clothes clothing geography

      ...material formed by weaving, knitting, pressing, or felting natural or synthetic fibers... for a specific purpose, as a tablecloth. 布塊 Clothe (v) --To put clothes on; dress穿衣...

    • 英文片語造句

      ...into There are thousand of people, they press into any theater . which shows the movie like...26 08:35:13 補充: I put my beautiful clothes on....... a couple of colored glasses.