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  1. cloud over

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    • 1. 佈滿雲 The sky clouded over. 天空雲層密佈。 On hearing the news, her face clouded over. 一聽到這消息, 她的臉上頓生愁雲。
    • 2. (臉色)陰沈
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    • 這句英文意思How can I believe...when

      How can I believe...when this cloud hangs over me. 這句話如果再加二個字,就很容易理解了。 How can I...

    • ﹝20點﹞請幫我把這些句子翻譯成英文!! beautiful. 1-2The blue of sky may not appear so beautiful without the white cloud over there. 1-3Perhaps, only with the white cloud alongside, can the blue of sky appear...

    • white-out?

      ...還有其他兩種意思~1.暫時性雪盲:white-out. An arctic atmospheric condition with clouds over snow produse a uniform whiteness and abjects are difficult to see ;...