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  1. clout

    • IPA[klaʊt]


    • n.
      a heavy blow with the hand or a hard object;influence or power, especially in politics or business
    • v.
      hit (someone or something) hard;mend with a patch
    • verb: clout, 3rd person present: clouts, gerund or present participle: clouting, past tense: clouted, past participle: clouted

    • noun: clout, plural noun: clouts

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    • 片語



    • 1. informal hit (someone or something) hard I clouted him round the head
    • 2. archaic mend with a patch he helps the women clout their pans
    • n.
      a nail with a large flat head, used chiefly for securing roofing felt.

    Oxford Dictionary

    • ph.
      do not discard your winter clothes until summer has fully arrived

    Oxford Dictionary

    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[klout]


    • n.
      a heavy blow with the hand or a hard object: a clout on the ear
    • v.
      hit hard with the hand or a hard object: I clouted him on the head

    Oxford American Dictionary

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