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  1. clue up


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    • 1. 向……提供情況 She will clue you up about this. 她將為你提供這方面情況。
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    • ”get a clue”是甚麼意思??(20點) from, how's it going? I know you gotta clue(已得到線索), what you're doing? You can Look at you Getting' more than just re-up(再入伍) Baby, you Got all the puppets...

    • 請問這句cues and clue是在表達什麼?

      ... consumers, or indeed your opinion formers, will pick up their cues and clues about your brand from a whole range of sources. 顧客或是評論者對於...

    • [英文]誰能幫我找7個錯誤的地方?

      ...track the answer himself(5) down and to watch out any clues for tha Hannah might deliberately give.After... Bill still hadn't latched up on(6) so he gave himself(7) up and...