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    • [英文]誰能幫我找7個錯誤的地方?

      ...track the answer himself(5) down and to watch out any clues for tha Hannah might deliberately give.After... Bill still hadn't latched up on(6) so he gave himself(7) up and ...

    • 問一部義大利恐怖片的劇情

      ...無任何進展,山姆決定自己調查 Sam decides to investigate on his own, 從幾個線索開始,指出了只有一個可能的 turning up several clues that point in the 疑點---就是假設他確實知道兇手要的是什麼 direction...

    • (簡易)12個片語英文造句...急需@@

      ... police try so hard to find the clues out . 5.Bring out 造成's failure. 6.Insist on 堅持 You should insist on until the end. 7.Give up 放棄 Nana never gives...