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    • 翻譯英文文章 Fire Alarm

      ...039;t succeed. They scared old Mrs. Santiago, who clutched her purse tightly. She hid between two parked cars. 噪音使蒙羅...

    • 急急急 ! 英文句子翻譯成中文 !

      I need a suit for an interview/wedding party. 我需要一套衣服參加面試/婚禮聚會 I would like to see a slim fit,black suit. 我想要看看能看起來瘦、合身的黑色西裝(套裝) I do not know my size in European size . 我不知道我的尺寸換成歐洲尺寸是多少...

    • 誰會英文造句?

      1. threw (vt.)丟;擲 I threw the ball to the little boy. 我把球丟給這個小男孩。 2. swept 是sweep的過去式和過去分詞(vt.)清掃;沖走:掃視 She hs swept the classroom. 她掃過教室了。 3. lamps (n.)燈 Would...