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    • 請懂英文的人幫我翻譯這段話.謝謝..

      ...的話: I love people that want to just post bullocks over and over and clutter up the joint. 」 (對啦!) 我(還)超愛那些想在討論區ㄧ再專貼狗X留言並...

    • 兩個句子的差別?

      第一句應該是: 導致(or佔有)成年羊隻總死亡數的15% 第二句是: 使百分之一的成羊死亡。 2010-08-26 16:08:23 補充: 如果根據Louis的見解,兩句就沒有句義上的分別了‧‧‧變成只是百分比的數字不同而已了。

    • 英文文章釋疑,翻譯celebrity figures, said: "Clearing clutter from your desk has the power to transform you business...商業大亨 2 She is adamant cleaning up will be [a boon even] though some of history's biggest...