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    coal hole
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    • 「de」 這東西 請大家幫忙

      這句的意思是「Eppie 在煤庫通道裡」。(是 coal hole 不是 coal hole) 這句話提到了「煤庫通道 coal hole...fing 或 ting。同樣的道理 mouth 就變成 mouf 或 mout。 coal hole 就是以前還需要燒煤才能取暖的時代,從屋外的地面...

    • 英文題目(改主動、被動)

      ... been created as a result of the burning of gas, oil and coal. 3.The use of CFCs in products like hair spray has created a hole in the ozone layer.(through) => A hole in the ozone layer has ...

    • 請問mine的用法?各代表什麼意思?

      ...the border. 聯合國車隊在駛往邊界的途中觸雷被炸。 (3) 名詞(n.)a deep hole or holes under the ground where minerals such as coal, gold, etc. are dug 礦井;礦 a type of bomb that is ...