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  1. cockroach
    KK[ˋkɑk͵rotʃ] DJ[ˋkɔkrəutʃ]
  2. n.名詞

    • 1. 蟑螂;油蟲

    • n.名詞

    • ph.片語

  1. 知識+

    |約 116 之 1-3 筆

    蟑螂的特性《用英文》 〈最好於7:05前回答〉

    一、Cockroaches live in a wide range of environments around the world. Pest ...and do not fare well in the average household. Only about 20 species of cockroaches out of the 3,500 are suited to thrive in the typical home. 二、...

    cockroach problem的中文意思是?蟑螂問題?

    ...領域也可能有不同的 延伸解釋. 2007-08-26 18:53:32 補充: 蟑螂問題 ‧ 單字: cockroach problem ‧ 意思: 比原先看起來還要嚴重的問題 蟑螂大概是繁衍力最快的昆蟲...

    可以幫我翻譯嗎?很急4/22急用 15點

    There is cockroach in deluxe restaurant-- Have a group of English not... vegetable ) (The Guest1 throws the cockroach to the clothes of the Guest2,The side of...

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