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  1. coconut milk


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    • 翻譯成英文~"急急急"~贈20點

      Pour coconut milk and low-starch bead sweet soup Ingredients: low-starch bead water pour coconut milk...and the bead shall be ready for use. 3. Prepare another bowl. Pour in coconut milk and stir in sugar. Make sure all the sugar is dissolved completely...

    • 請幫忙把這些食物材料翻譯成英文=)

      ...sugar syrup 冰開水    iced water 熱開水    hot water 椰漿     coconut milk 椰果     coconut pulp 鮮奶      milk 咖哩魚排三明治 curry fish fillet...

    • 看不懂的說明書,麻煩幫忙看看

      ... Oil can preserve the natural aroma and characteristics of fresh coconut milk Virgin Oil 是椰子油的最純淨的形式。它從100%的新鮮椰子直接...