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  1. coffee bean


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    • [英文]問在咖啡店工作的應用對話

      ...咖啡豆都是每天早上烘培的新鮮咖啡豆 The coffee beans we sell in the store are always fresh and...在常溫並乾燥的地方即可 Please keep coffee beans dry and under room temperature. 7. 請問你需要多少...

    • 關於咖啡豆的知識 翻成英文

      標題是「關於咖啡豆的知識」 直接翻譯 = Knowledge About Coffee Beans (有點呆板) 你可以試試 : Few Things About Coffee...

    • coffee&cafe的疑問?

      ... a hot drink made with water and ground or powdered coffee beans. 例句: *1. A coffee is a cup of coffee. *2. I made a...